VLS Roulette Forum /index.php USA/Canada online roulette advantage system players wanted profit share 50/50 /index.php?topic=23097.msg156979#msg156979 2. will teach and share software to help beat online live roulette
3. must be willing to profit share net winnings
4. must keep track of each casino account, prove play etc.
5. must be willing to p...]]>
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Hi I've got a system a winning one , and would like to get it coded into some software , can anyone help thanks

send me a pm ]]>
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Re: STREET ROULETTE SYSTEM THAN RESIST MILLONS SPINS TEST!! /index.php?topic=21622.msg156948#msg156948 Now more bugs fixed. Download unzip and install on your Android devices.

The programme vibrates when you must chance your bet and when you has won!]]>
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Coder - Programmer - DrTalos Bet /index.php?topic=23067.msg156944#msg156944
Researching DrTalos bet - require a programmer/coder  or  just an advice with which means described can be achieved (excel, rx, simple custom-tailored app) for an interval of 20-30k spins

Testing the attack phase only - multiple variants, to begin w...]]>
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